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Billie Eilish - My future

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  • Скачано: 109
  • Формат: MP3
  • Длительность: 3:28
  • Размер файла: 7.97 МБ
  • Качество mp3: 322 кбит/с, Stereo
  • Дата релиза: 02-08-2020, 23:44
Billie Eilish - My future

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Текст песни Billie Eilish - My future
I can’t seem to focus
And you don’t seem to notice
I’m not here
I’m just a mirror
You check your complexion
To find your reflection’s all alone

I had to go
Can’t you hear me?
I’m not comin’ home
Do you understand?
I’ve changed my plans
‘Cause I, I’m in love
With my future
Can’t wait to meet her
And I (I), I’m in love
But not with anybody else
Just wanna get to know myself
I know supposedly I’m lonely now (Lonely now)
Know I’m supposed to be unhappy
Without someone (Someone)
But aren’t I someone? (Aren’t I someone? Yeah)
I’d (I’d) like to be your answer (Be your answer)
‘Cause you’re so handsome (You’re so handsome)
But I know better
Than to drive you home
‘Cause you’d invite me in
And I’d be yours again
But I, I’m in love
With my future
And you don’t know her
And I, I’m in love (Love, love)